Growth Manager / Sales Specialist

We are looking for a Growth Manager to join our sales and success team. Our ideal candidate needs to be someone who can engage in conversations with multiple projects at once to invite them to use our products.
The role includes conducting research and analyzing trends, building relations with projects in the space, launchpads, market makers, exchanges, and other players. As well as improve sales and overall business growth. We are looking for the one to help us grow our connections, collect feedback, and provide excellent support when needed.

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Tel-Aviv / Remote

If you don't meet 100% of the requirements below - that's okay, nobody's perfect! We believe in hiring people, not just a list of skills. We encourage you to apply if you think this is a role that would make you excited about coming to work every daySkills & Qualifications

  • Fluency in English (high level written and verbal skills)
  • Experience in crypto and blockchain ecosystem - A Must!
  • 1-3 years experience in customer success or sales
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Experience closing enterprise-level deals
  • Ability to analyze business opportunities and read situations well
  • Committed to continuous education through workshops, seminars, and conferences
  • Represent our company, with a comprehensive understanding of our offerings

Preferred Qualifications

  • Fast and agile thinker, with the ambition & hunger to learn new stuff every day, and excel
  • A strong eye for detail and a passion for clear communication
  • Strong organizational, time-management skills, and ability to multitask, and able to manage your time to meet deadlines
  • A team player & capable of working independently
  • Be crypto Savvy

Responsibilities /What will you do

  • Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships with potential partners in crypto space, such as exchanges, market makers, Chain, and beyond
  • Generate leads and commit to customer service by building relationships
  • Adjust sales techniques based on interactions and results in the field
  • Perform incisive and insightful market and competitive research
  • Manage inbound and outbound traffic
  • Taking part in designing the products documentation, tutorials, decks, and videos
  • Close work with the project development team and operations manager
  • Conduct month-end and year-end close processes
  • Achieve growth and hit sales targets. Responsible for maximizing our sales potential, monitor and managing data, and creating data-driven acquisition and monetization plans.
  • Crafting a sales strategy and a sales team
  • Design and implement a strategic business plan that expands products user base and ensures its strong presence
  • Create BA reports, sales reports, and data-driven suggestions

About Dcentralab 

Dcentralab is creating an ecosystem of on-chain products designed to accelerate blockchain mass adoption, produce value, increase transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution.

Working in Dcentralab is a fantastic opportunity, you will learn various technologies. As well as being part of an interesting expanding ecosystem, take an important role in the growth, and success of the company.

Our company consists of people that are always striving to the highest standard of professional work, meticulousness, and attention to detail. Each team has a hard-coded personality of willingness to always learn new things, even if they are hard, take ownership, and be prepared for everything that is coming. Join us!