Web3 Products That Make Complex Tech Simple

DcentraLab develops on-chain products to accelerate blockchain mass adoption, create value, improve transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution.

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Creating Innovative Web3 Solutions

Creating Innovative Web3 Solutions

DcentraLab makes blockchain technology simple and secure. Our mission is to create user-friendly products that accelerate blockchain and Web3 adoption worldwide and bring real value and change.

Our Approach

  • The future is now
    Our solutions solve your problems today with tomorrow's technology at yesterday's ease of use.
  • Ahead of the curve
    With cutting-edge technologies, innovative tools, and an emphasis on security, we are always at the forefront of technology.
  • No-one left behind
    No steep learning curve. The decentralized future is open to everyone. DcentraLab’s products make it safe and simple.

DcentraLab Products

  • ChainPort

    Bridge tokens safely across blockchains with just a click. ChainPort is the first next-gen hard-security blockchain bridge that offers full interoperability with maximum security. With ChainPort, users can bridge tokens across leading blockchains safely & easily.

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  • TokensFarm

    TokensFarm is a leading cross-chain farm-as-a-service platform that utilizes the most advanced farming protocol code. TokensFarm offers three types of contracts that can lower circulating supplies, increase liquidity on DEXs, and boost transparency.

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  • Hord

    Hord is a high-performance liquid ETH staking platform that offers attractive APR and combines staking rewards with auto compounding, MEV boosts, and HORD rewards. Hord is building a comprehensive suite of additional products that are designed to create diverse token pools.

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  • DcentraLab Diligence

    DcentraLab Diligence is a boutique blockchain cybersecurity firm providing audits and consultations for Web3 projects. DcentraLab Diligence's team stands out with a unique mix of active builders in the Web3 space and cyber security experts.

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  • Web3Index

    The entire Web3 world in one index! Web3Index is an open data library that maps the entire blockchain ecosystem. With Web3Index, builders, and users can find, evaluate, and connect with the crypto economy's relevant projects, tools, and resources.

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    • 2key network

      Re-inventing your link. A smart URL that automatically maps its reach, incentivizes sharing, and distributes rewards, managed by the 2key protocol. Using smart URLs, smart contracts filter out invalid clicks, calculate rewards, and distribute them to users.

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