Smart Contract Audits, Consulting & Blockchain Security

Security is paramount in the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Web3. We offer comprehensive smart contract audits and security consultations to assist both early-stage and established blockchain projects.

Tailored Audits & Security Measures for Web3 Projects

Smart contract integrity is vital for every Web3 project in today's competitive environment. DcentraLab Diligence's team helps secure digital assets, software infrastructure, and critical data. We combine sophisticated security research practices with a hacking mindset to reduce risk and reinforce code.
The DcentraLab Diligence team comprises developers with blockchain industry and smart contract audit experience since 2017. Our professional team has auditing experience with all EVM-compatible blockchains and L2s.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Extensive Analytics Reports

    Get an in-depth look at the security of your code base using extensive analytic reports that examine contract quality and complexity.
  • Expert Security Reviews

    Our team of experts will provide insights, recommendations, and guidance to secure and verify your code prior to launch.
  • Multiple Audit Teams

    All code will be inspected and reviewed by a minimum of two audit teams. To ensure code integrity, audit teams will perform independent checks.
  • Security Certification

    Following every successful audit, projects will receive certifications that their code is secure. The certifications include an on-chain decentralized proof-of-audit, a PDF, and a personalized page.
  • Easy Collaboration

    Web3 projects benefit from ongoing professional and pleasant communication from the DcentraLab Diligence team during audits.
  • Personalized Pages

    After an audit, each Web3 project is assigned a personalized internal page on our website.

How DcentraLab Diligence Works

  • Tests

    The DcentraLab Diligence team will conduct multiple unit solidity tests in JavaScript. Every Web3 project that goes through an audit will have a custom test written by the DcentraLab Diligence team.

  • Static Tool Inspection

    The team will inspect the smart contract's integrity with a multitude of static tools such as MythX, Slither, Mythril, and other undisclosed tools. The inspections assist in revealing underlying vulnerabilities in a smart contract's code.

  • Manual Audit

    Two separate audit teams from DcentraLab Diligence’s team will audit the same codebase independently. All vulnerabilities are thoroughly inspected and documented using two auditing professionals.

  • Summary Report

    Our audit reports are customizable, comprehensive, and transparent. The DcentraLab Diligence team will send a summary report documenting the audit and its results, along with recommended corrections to the project. Later, a report certifying a contract's security will be posted on a unique webpage in DcentraLab Diligence.

  • 1 Audit - 3 Certificates

    After a successful audit, each project will receive three certificates to display. One presentable PDF, an on-chain decentralized proof-of-audit, and a personalized page within DcentraLab Diligence.

Why Audit Smart Contracts

The frequency of hacks and exploits is growing alongside Web3 adoption. Early-stage projects need audits to ensure their integrity.

Audits can reinforce the security of your project and help you avoid exploits. Having an audit of your codebase became a mandatory stamp to ensure your project receives adoption and trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why DcentraLab Diligence?

The DcentraLab Diligence team has extensive experience in cyber security and smart contract coding. DcentraLab was established in 2017 and has developed a handful of successful Web3 & DeFi protocols.

Which other products did DcentraLab create?

DcentraLab specializes in developing products that help Web3 projects flourish, including:

ChainPort, A custodial security-focused bridge that allows safe, efficient, and permissionless porting across leading blockchains.

TokensFarm, the leading Farms-As-A-Service provider. TokensFarm offers deployable LP & staking farms that can be live within minutes.

Hord is a Liquid ETH Staking pool that maximizes rewards with auto-compounding, MEV boosts, partners share, distributed validators and maximum security.

2Key, which offers multi-step link tracking and smart contracts over HTTP protocols.

Does the audit provide insurance?

DcentraLab Diligence provides comprehensive smart contract audit services that help verify the integrity of smart contracts' code. However, these audits do not entitle a project to an insurance fund. DcentraLab Diligence does not provide insurance services at this moment.

What is the price per audit?

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of an audit, translated to the number of working days needed. The quote is based on how many auditors and work days are required and is given per audit request.

How are successful audit certificates issued?

DcentraLab Diligence issues certificates of a successful audit in three different ways. Projects will be given a presentable PDF certificate which can be printed and a personal page on DcentraLab Diligence.

In addition to the PDF and personalized page, a decentralized proof-of-audit can be sent directly to the project's main wallet or contracts. The Dcentralized proof-of-audit can be read by everyone using a block explorer, like Etherscan.

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