Decentralized Innovation: A Year in Review with DcentraLab

Decentralized Innovation: A Year in Review with DcentraLab


  • ChainPort expanded its blockchain and token support, witnessed TVL growth, and plans to integrate a new non-EVM chain and innovative bridging methods in 2024.

  • Hord launched as a top-tier liquid ETH staking platform, introduced staking features, and plans a token revenue share system in 2024.

  • TokensFarm integrated support for Uniswap V3, enhanced its UI and introduced farm scores for better user choices.

  • DcentraLab Diligence debuted with auditing expertise, focusing on identifying and rectifying blockchain vulnerabilities.

  • web3index's beta launch by DcentraLab offers a comprehensive directory of Web3 projects, investors, and companies.

DcentraLab's 2023 Innovation Spree

Over the past year, DcentraLab's suite of products has expanded and existing products showcased remarkable innovations. 


ChainPort witnessed a significant expansion, increasing its supported blockchains and tokens, while also seeing exponential growth in Total Value Locked or TVL. New bridging methods, including native token bridging and support for external bridging protocols, have also been added. ChainPort became an official partner of Circle and CCTP, enabling USDC bridging to specific chains. Additional stablecoin support and blue chip tokens such as WBTC and WETH have also been integrated. A primary objective on our horizon in 2024 is the addition of efficient new bridging options, such as cross-chain swaps and a new non-EVM chain.


Hord made waves with its launch as a premier liquid ETH staking platform, offering users a smooth staking experience. In addition to this, Hord has implemented staking withdrawals and HORD token governance. In 2024, Hord will implement token revenue share, using the platform’s profits for buy-backs and distribution of HORD tokens to holders. Another goal listed is the integration of hETH in LSDfi protocols. Both goals will greatly increase Hord’s value proposition to ETH stakers and the community. 


TokensFarm has upped its game by integrating support for Uniswap V3, enhancing its LP farm offerings. In addition to this, TokensFarm received a fresh new UI, added cool-down and warm-up functionalities, and added scores for farms. Farm scores help DeFi enthusiasts select different programs to participate in.   

DcentraLab Diligence

With its debut audits, DcentraLab Diligence highlighted its auditing expertise and set the mark for security in blockchain technology. Leveraging a blend of expertise and cutting-edge techniques, DcentraLab Diligence examines smart contracts and infrastructures, identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.


Last but not least, DcentraLab's beta launch of web3index further cements its reputation as a trailblazer in web3. web3index’s registry will include an extensive directory of projects, investors, and companies in the Web3 world.