Backend & DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a talented and ambitious Backend & DevOps Engineer to join our core team. The ideal candidate will help us build, test, and refine a range of components that are critical for the success of our products.

  1. Job Type: Full-Time 
  2. Location: Tel-Aviv / Belgrade / Remote

Skills & Qualifications

  • Fluency in English (high level written and verbal skills)
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field
  • Proven experience developing highly complex backends for web-scale applications
  • Master of python and node.js
  • Master of AWS - Cloudformation, ECS, Lambda, SSM, Kinesis, RDS, Cloudfront, VPN, VPC, IAM, SQS, API GATEWAY
  • Master of Serverless Infra
  • Experience with oauth, Auth0
  • Experience with cloudflare
  • Experience with CICD tools and pipelines
  • Experience with jenkins, sentry, ansible, master of SQL and data
  • Experience with SSL, SSH, bastions, VPC orchestrations
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain, specifically Ethereum (distributed turing complete VMs)

 Preferred Qualifications

  • Passionate about the web3.0 revolution - crypto and blockchain experience
  • Experience with K8S
  • Experience with Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contract Architectures, Remix, Web3 libraries for python
  • Fast and agile thinker, with the ambition & hunger to learn new stuff every day, and excel
  • A strong eye for detail and a passion for clear communication
  • Strong organizational, time-management skills, and ability to multitask, and able to manage your time to meet deadlines
  • A team player & capable of working independently

Responsibilities /  What you will do

  • Build highly efficient infrastructure for scalable deployments and CICD processes (GitLab CI, ECS, Cloudformation, Lambdas)
  • Manage & Develop the serverless backend (Node.js, Python, Lambdas, API Gateway)
  • Manage 8 Develop partner integrations, cross-service server-2-server integrations, server-2-client-2-server integrations with 3rd parties, etc..
  • Manage & Develop the serving for centralized and decentralised backends and frontends (Cloudfront, Cloudflare, CDN, SSL, Bastions, VPNs)
  • Manage & Develop scalable blockchain backend and infrastructure (Dynamically scalable IPFS clusters, ETH node clusters, The Graph Infrastructure), utilizing k8s, ECS etc..
  • Manage & Develop integration layers between smart contract layers on public and plasma chains and centralized serverless backends acting as cache or co-peers.
  • Manage & Develop highly scalable, highly available infrastructure for data-engineering, data-analytics, and big-data platforms and infrastructure utilizing kinesis, kafka, spark, hadoop, postgress
  • Manage & Develop QA automation platforms and KPI analytics for our apps and services
  • Manage & Develop monitoring and alert solutions our apps and services

About Dcentralab 

Dcentralab is creating an ecosystem of on-chain products designed to accelerate blockchain mass adoption, produce value, increase transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution.

Working in Dcentralab is a fantastic opportunity, you will learn various technologies. As well as being part of an interesting expanding ecosystem, take an important role in the growth, and success of the company.

Our company consists of people that are always striving to the highest standard of professional work, meticulousness, and attention to detail. Each team has a hard-coded personality of willingness to always learn new things, even if they are hard, take ownership, and be prepared for everything that is coming. Join us!

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