QA & Support Lead Engineer

We are looking for a lead QA engineer to join our team. Our ideal candidate needs to have extensive software engineering experience, focusing on test automation, which also includes testing, load testing, and security testing, while managing all QA employees. As well as to excel at collaborating with globally distributed teams, and be able to drive quality initiatives throughout the organization.

  1. Job Type: Full-Time 
  2. Location: Tel-Aviv / Belgrade / Remote

Skills & Qualifications

  • Good level of English (written and verbal skills)
  • Experience in cryptocurrency & blockchain ecosystem
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field
  • Experience in managing software/QA engineering teams
  • Motivated by working in an informal, entrepreneurial, roll-up-the-sleeves culture
  • A strong eye for detail and a passion for clear communication, product, and ability to work with product owners on the product roadmap
  • Strong organizational, time-management skills, and ability to multitask, and manage your time to meet deadlines
  • Experience being part of an engineering leadership team before, with global responsibilities
  • Strong propensity to drive product quality through test automation
  • Excited talking about static code analysis, tech debt, and catching bugs
  • Technical experience using a public cloud service provider such as GCP or AWS
  • Managed software teams before and you love delivering high-quality products
  • 5+ years Quality Assurance Experience, with at least 2 years in a leadership/senior role
  • Experience building or refactoring scaled QA organizations
  • Experience with product development pipelines and workflows
  • Experience with strategic goal setting, tactical execution
  • Experience working with remote testing teams
  • Proven experience developing highly complex QA flows and practices for web-scale applications
  • Fast and agile thinker, with the ambition & hunger to learn new stuff every day, and excel
  • A team player & capable of working independently

Preferred Qualifications

  • Someone with a sharp eye for details and creative thinking, UX/UI knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain, specifically Ethereum 
  • Experience with Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contract Architectures, Remix, Web3 libraries for python
  • Basic knowledge of blockchain, specifically Ethereum / BSC / Polygon / AVAX (EVM compatible blockchains) 

Responsibilities /What will you do 

  • Own the entire QA cycle for a specific product/project in DcentraLab
  • Own the support operations for a specific product/project in DcentraLab
  • Build and maintain QA protocols 
  • Build and maintain automation testing for a specific project in DcentraLab
  • Perform routine Basic and advanced QA for our products, websites, and all online features
  • Build and maintain monitoring and alerting mechanisms for continuous testing and alerting related to a specific project/product in
  • Interface with the dev team as well as management and product owners to facilitate and ensure quality delivery to production and the highest standards of support for users
  • Maintain the entire task management for the project/product you’re on, work closely with the dev manager to facilitate the highest standards of task management for the entire development R&D team
  • Develop the product features and models with the product team.
  • Collaborate closely with programmers and designers to carry out an engaging creative vision and ensure bug-free delivery to production
  • Provide and manage support for our various projects/products
  • own the QA process for a large team, including people, process, and support for ongoing dapp development
  • Write content about QA and for user support

About Dcentralab 

Dcentralab is creating an ecosystem of on-chain products designed to accelerate blockchain mass adoption, produce value, increase transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution.

Working in Dcentralab is a fantastic opportunity, you will learn various technologies. As well as being part of an interesting expanding ecosystem, take an important role in the growth, and success of the company.

Our company consists of people that are always striving to the highest standard of professional work, meticulousness, and attention to detail. Each team has a hard-coded personality of willingness to always learn new things, even if they are hard, take ownership, and be prepared for everything that is coming. Join us!

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